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A British secret agent investigates a rogue Russian research facility, finding that the woman in charge is manipulating people's bodies in her search of knowledge. With the help of a captured local woman, Katherine uses her skills to bring down whoever is behind this inhumane research.

Now a standalone story from my 'Fables of Lust' collection.
A man is given the chance of a lifetime to test a prototype virtual reality set-up. He is given many scenarios that involve pop culture characters getting expanded and sexually abused for his viewing entertainment.
Since their previous adventures, the ladies of Beacon Academy have been slacking off. It's up to Miss Pyrrha Nikos to track down the delinquents and lead them to the right path. But will she become corrupted herself?

Still to come:

- The Desolation of Blake.
- Ice-Cream Redux.
A few friends of mine suggested I start uploading stories here on Hentai Foundry, so I figured I'd give it a go. 

This is a story I began back in the early Summer of 2010, before getting stymied and setting it aside.  Six years later - after much encouragement from my friends - I finally decided to dust it off and finish it.  I'm glad I did.  

Comments and (constructive) critiques are always welcome. ^^
Short horror themed stories covering different kinks.

A Girl in the Rain: Vampires that inflate and grow as they drink blood
Silva's attempt at being a sex streamer didn't start very well, but then she found out about her body cavities' better-than-average stretching ability and began a set of bizarre streams that will bring her to fame.

Warning: Large and potentially unrealistic insertions, inflation, object swallowing, and many more strange events!
My girlfriend can expand her ass at will. I love it, but she goes through so many pairs of panties...
Anna is tired of dealing with her randomly expanding ass alone. She enlists the help or Dr. Pratt, hoping her ass will cooperate...
Tabby asks Jae out with a little help. Then she shows him her Mei-Ling Zhou cosplay.
Now we have a hero/Definitely Villian who will beat reality at its own game! With the power of Science and Medical knowledge! So watch out girls (and everyone, seriously Run away quickly!), because this mad genius will fuck you in impossible ways...and then Actually Force them to feel pleasure and arousal. It's the starting tale of a Madman, obsessed with the science of rape ( and also normal sex, if you're into that weird stuff). Say hello to Mr. Lux  :)
A prequel story to Obedience. This was written from the idea of an anonymous patron on Patreon. It follows the boy who had the command rod originally as he visits a teacher he has the hots for.
Jae gets lost while trying to get to Hooters.
Vina, a biology enthusiast stumbled upon a box of futuristic dimensional rings. With such a powerful tool, she began a series of insane portal experiments on herself and others. Forming bizarre relationships with her test subjects and generally enjoying life to the fullest.
Two guys find Jae using their dorm shower.
A hot summer day turns to terror as a girl out on a swim is attacked by an alien in the water. She carries her payload to a nearby bar where a group of girls are setting up to open for the evening. Huge swollen bellies occur! Includes an alternate ending. 
In a weird dystopian future, mankind ran low on resources, and started using people as a source of natural gas.

Inevitably, a weird pervert came along, decided this was his fetish, and eagerly signed up for it.

Basically, extreme fart inflation shenanigans ahoy.
Grand Master Shan sends Jae to investigate an Imperial dreadnought.
In an arid landscape, a girl becomes a courier for a criminal organization. Sold by her family, they use her body to transport large volumes of water to outlying cities. Trouble arises, however, and she finds herself as an unwilling participant in a power struggle.
Story about a loving lesbian couple who finally get to really inflate themselves.
Grindavikbydaylight is an awesome guy who I offered to write something for. He gave me an ogress named Maya and I wrote stuff about her.
A narrative light scene about Ariane Saint-Amour growing breasts so large that she becomes a human milk factory
Please Fav and UpVote if you enjoy :)
Imported from dA: A very inspired story/collab by/with the incredibly awesome and fantastically talented vanDUO and . Look out for gas, and enjoy!
First attempt at an erotic story, the first person perspective is kind of weird. Let me know what you think! 
A woman who always dreamed of increasing her bust finds a way to make it happen and she might just have some company too.