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A short story featuring Rey and Chewbacca. Set at the end of TFA, when they travel together to Ahch-To. Totally canon.
-Contains Wookiee sex.-
Mara and Luke have reconciled, but she still needs to apologize to the people she used.  And Leia, Han, and Chewie have some ideas as to how...
Ezra and Sabine go undercover at the Imperial Academy in order to gather information for the rebellion. But when Sabine's identity is exposed she's forced to became the personal play thing of Minister Tua.
The lovely Ahsoka Tano is faced with many hard choices after the fall of the Jedi order. One of those choices will change her life forever when it brings her into contact with a smuggler named Zeek.

This is the story of that choice and the changes that come with it.

M/F, Plot, Soft, Consensual(shocker isn't it?), Oral, Vaginal
The Force is tired of waiting for the new generation of the Jedi to rise, so it has decided to make it itself starting with the child of the Chosen one and a fertile young woman.
Years after her mother's death, the daughter of Mara Jade sets out on a journey to find out about her infamous parent.
The first four Mira Jade stories were my first stories, I look back on them fondly. Even though now I can see I made some glaring errors in writing, I was learning and these definitely helped me improve my skills. Fan demand and the fact that I came up with a good story idea, made me write the fifth story.
Rey is forced to reconcile with her Force connection to Kylo Ren when he starts to use it to pursue own agenda. Ren discovers that he's becoming more than a little attached to Rey, and is determined to seduce her to his side. She in turn believes that by allowing herself to grow closer to him, she can convince him to desert the First Order. 

This 1st work is dedicated to Sparrow for thematically unrelated reasons, mostly the heinous goofy shit his work has occasionally inspired me to write.
A fluffy little Star Wars one-shot with Finn and Rey set during Force Awakens, with its premise probably about to be obliterated by The Last Jedi.

Themes: Consensual, Slutty, Fucked Silly, Big Dick

Summary: Ahsoka Tano had been adjusting to life as a civilian, ever since she'd left the Jedi Order. She gets a job as a mechanic, and she begins to save credits in the hopes of eventually buying a ship to call her own. Only, that will take years, a decade even... and Ahsoka isn't willing to wait that long. Not when there are OTHER options for her...

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Themes: Consensual, Harem, Moresome

Summary: Harry Potter is the Master of Death. Let's throw him into Star Wars near the start of the Clone Wars, shall we? There's no sex in this first chapter, but there will be in future chapters.

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Themes: Consensual, Bondage, Dom/Sub

Summary: Mara Jade, the Emperor's Hand arrives back in her Master's presence after a job well done. The red head is as eager as ever to receive a reward for her loyal and devoted service.

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The moderately naughty adventures of a young bounty hunter in the star wars universe with beautiful Alien women. Why? because lets be honest, human girls are boring...
It may be a little dark, it may be a little loving, it definitely has plot, but essentially naughty.

I am always editing this. Please feel free to point out if i missed something. I'm not perfect.

(Be careful of Story spoilers in the comments) 
[font="Lucida]Jyn Erso is called to Princess Leia's quarters on the eve of the Scarif mission. She and the princess enjoy one night of passion before Jyn leaves to steal the Death Star plans...[/font]
Jaina Solo is captured by the Yuuzhan Vong and subjected to strange experiments.
Forty years ago, the Battle of Yavin electrified a galaxy. Now, read the exclusive HoloNet News feature story detailing Tri-Nebulon Entertainment's attempt to build a holo-franchise around the battle and its famous heroes.
Seventeen years after the death of Jabba the Hutt, criminal Rinnrivin Di becomes embroiled in a conspiracy within the New Republic led by Senator Carise Sindian. But when a long-rumored recording of Jabba's final days comes into his possession, offering humiliating leverage over Leia Organa, Di approaches Sindian with a deal over gaining access to the explosive recording....
Luke has been busy, and Mara has been stepping out.  When she gets caught, the two of them need to work out their relationship issues... with shackles and a flogger.
I was inspired to write this a while back after seeing the great ShabbyBlue's beautiful new pieces on this subject. If you enjoy this story, I highly recommend going to their website and checking it out.

Summary: Princess Leia is not saved from her meeting with Prince Xizor of the Falleen in Shadows of the Empire. The Falleen Prince proceeds to use her as he likes.
This story came about because I had just finished the Republic Trooper's Storyline. By the end of it, I found the whole thing to be increasingly bland (though the finale wasn't entirely boring) and couldn't help but wish I'd played the whole story a little differently. Wrote this to get that itch out of my system.

There will be plenty of snippets here, not all involving just the Republic Trooper. I'll post one a day till I run out.
Anakin may not be a model Jedi, but between his bad boy aura and a magnetic presence from his immense Force potential, he’s attracted the eye of a great many women in the galaxy who can’t keep their minds off of him, and what better way to avoid falling to the Dark Side than to give into his darker urges through something else? Commission for Cracky1236.
Shortly before his deployment to Jakku, Stormtrooper FN-2187 goes on shore leave on the resort planet Aralia.
Inspired by Jyn Erso from Rogue One.

Debating to do this story with Jyn as the main character or making an OC. Planned to be a 3 part arc about a Rebel Agent freeing a prisoner and completing her mission and the sexy times during the operation. Hope you guys enjoy. 
There's one thing Rey wants to do before she leaves, and that is perform unspeakable acts in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon with Finn. She may only have realized her feelings for him when it was "too late", but that just means she'll have to make their first time more memorable. Commission for simo09.
An AU set in the Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base where Kylo dressed as Matt gets used by soldiers of the First Order, as well as Hux.  Another Y!gallery re-post
Shaak Ti's habit of helping the clone troopers she's been assigned to with their focus and morale comes back to haunt her when she finds a bunch of her old flings waiting outside of her quarters, but even seven big, strapping clones may not be enough to put this Jedi down. Patreon poll winning story requested by JoeHundredaire.