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Fight between Naughty Devils and Strahovski's Angels in Group A.

Check out for the polls and other stories:
Taylor Momsen takes a bath

A/N: I wrote this under a different username on a different website. Please enjoy.
Two words: sex resort
A series of loosely-connected, silly, stupid stories about powerful women with very big breasts taking money from stupid male subs. 

A German cosplayer starts to feel a bit stressed out, with the feeling her boyfriend isn't around enough to please her. That's when her best friend suggests an app just for their level of celebrity, and soon enough she hooks up with someone at her place. Commissioned by Startale.


[An Anonymous commission]

Katy Tur and Liz Mair might not be distinguished political thinkers, but at least they're finally making the news, even if that's as bukkake and gangbang humiliation idols in the new joint Japan-Trump network.  A confection of public exposure, oceans of cum from hundreds of anonymous spooge-donors, jizz-glutted creampies, and outrageous plastic tits.

[Bukkake, Gangbang, Cosplay, Public Sex, Humiliation, Fake Tits, Dubcon, Satire, Bimbofication, CFNM]
Meg Turney and Jessica Nigri are in for a strange night after a ghost takes a sudden, lascivious interest in their bodies. This was commissioned by RiverSlake22!
Christina Hendricks challenges Karen Gillan to a fight in her padded basement.

Will follow up if there is a demand for it. :) All feedback welcome and appreciated.
Yvonne Strahovski gets invited to a party hosted by her teammate Margot Robbie and gets into a fight with Natalie Alyn Lind.

Story to the poll:
Kate Upton, Hannah Jeter and Chrissy Teigen are all stuck at the bar in the New York airport on Christmas eve, snowed in while en route to a photo shoot in Miami. When the bartender points out someone that can help the three women leap at the opportunity.

They'll do whatever it takes to get a lift.

A commission for ChadCastle26.
Just a quick funny sex scene
Danielle, also known by the online persona 'TradeChat' invites a friend over to her place for a week. Oh, and her husband's gone.
After Team Strahotski's loss against Team FHM in the Celebrity Sexfight League Tournament, they are taken to FHM's dressing room. Team FHM invites Team Sex Appeal to join them in punishing Team Strahotski for their behavior after their fight with Team Sex Appeal last week.

For the fight between Team FHM and Team Strahotski check out:
Alison Carroll and Yvonne Strahovski fight each other in a new game show as Lara Croft and Sarah Walker.

Story to the poll:
After the rematch between Starfucked and Yvonne Strahovksi, Charlize Theron asked Alexandra to train Yvonne for her. Several days have passed and now Charlize goes to Starfucked to pick up her new slave.

Story writen by me and Ginny38
Barbara and Arryn host their own special panel at RTX after the RWBY one is finished. For all their most devoted and enthusiastic fans.
A fan pays Dodger a life changing amount of money for just one day alone with her.
This one is a request from []Sassafras[/url]

Jenna is in Paris for fashion week when a reporter has a bogus claim. To shut him up, she decides to give him a better story.
The boyfriend of Selena Gomez has to deal with the fact that Selena Gomez is a Slut.
Katy Perry enjoys some 'festive fun' after the H & M advert shoot with hunky male model Sean O'Pry.
[A NotTheZodiac commission]

When Barack Obama visited Alaska in 2015, it wasn't for anything as banal as rechristening Denali.  It was personal.  And throat-crushing.  And pussy-shredding.  And cum-splattering.  A settling of accounts with Sarah Palin, his nemesis and his obsession.

[NTR, Interracial, Rough Sex, Slapping, Toys, Double Vaginal, Deepthroat, Gagging, Bukkake, Massive Cock, Creampie, Comedy]
Dan Everett spends his Halloween ravishing Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams
An average guy received powers to warp reality to his will.  So he does what any horny guy would do.  Use it to have sex with celebrities.  He travels Hollywood and uses his power to fuck and humiliated many celebrities like Emma Stone and Ariana Grande.
A regular joe is abducted by aliens and set the task to create a harem of any and every hottie that he desires. Thankfully for him, the aliens also gifted him technology that lets him give these babes the fucking they deserve. The worst idea I've come up with yet? The silliest? Who cares, come enjoy some smut!
Yvonne Strahovski accepts an offer for a photoshoot, however she doesn't know what kind of photoshoot it's going to be. In the dressing room she meets an old rival and things get nasty.