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It’s Kahix’s birthday and she’s having a party with a few friends, both who give her a wonderful present.
A Sci-fi tale set in my own Universe:

Malthui an independent Colony of many different races play's host to a short story about love and lust... Join Mike Whelan, a Soldier turned Security force, and Ellan, a Tall demon looking woman as they celebrate Ellans birthday and become more then friends...
Set in a "Gor adjacent" Universe.  This is influenced by, but not set in the worlds of John Norman. 

This story is a bit hard to describe although it does imply a quick death of a slave girl.  Constructive feedback is always welcome and I hope you enjoy it.
Ein Archiv meiner alten, deutschen Geschichten.

Kapitel 1: Das Geschenk (NTR, Ehebruch, Schwängerung, Dubcon, Mind Break)

- - - - -

An archive of my old, German stories.

Chapter 1: The Gift (NTR, cheating / adultery, impregnation, dubcon, mind break)
When Usha wanders through the city at night she falls for a stranger, literally.
In this Highschool AU, Jasmine Winters is stuck in detention with her students and chooses how they get punished.
I have a few polls here to get an idea of what my fans would like and to get some general information.

If you do not mind, would you fill out the polls I have setup in this article so I can get an idea of what you guys want/more information about my readers?

Chad is forced to submit and be Amanda's pet.

Check out my Patreon.
Kaoru and Ume, a husband and wife, have a bit of fun while their children are gone.

(Commissioned by Pozgroms)
A boy tries to take whats rightfully his
A Doctor finds Orphans on his Doorstep, and takes them in and raises them
A new Couple do it for the first Time
Sarah's bar is close to shutting down for the evening when a beautiful stranger comes in with a limp and asking for a scotch.
It gets pretty cold sometimes... You gotta find a way to keep warm...
A short shorty about sex against a wall
Feedback appreciated!
Originally posted here, and mostly co-authored with LustyPenny, here's the full thing for posterity.

It's the story of a couple fresh-faced Amish ex-pats meeting up with their experienced city-slicker relative, and being taken under her very vulgar, highly explicit wing.
i.e. they start whoring too.

This is currently very heavily a work in progress. Two characters Evan and Sarah have some oversize fun with oversize attributes. 
Horrible Tales for Horrible People are short stories that explore the darker side of society or technology like a perverted episode of Black Mirror. You don't have to be a horrible person to enjoy them, but it helps. Tales are stand alone. However, the popular ones could get additional chapters.

Today's theme is: The pressure of being responsible for repopulating the earth
Today's girl is: Just a number
This is a Story inspired by a real Life Story a Friend of mine told me. He is known as Felwinter.
A (very) brief plot to this picture: Sprink-Break-1
...which concerns some cocksuckers, a rudely woken mom, and several cell phones.

I found it while organizing some files and don't think it's been posted anywhere else; there's only this one short entry, so if I had planned to write more of this way back when, obviously that didn't pan out.

But it's here for posterity at least.
A man describes his travels in a land where anime tropes come to life. 
Jane has a secret. She has a super power, and it's driving her crazy.
The power? 
She has ability to hypnotize anyone through direct eye contact.
 The trouble? The power gnaws at her, begging to be used
When she tells her boyfriend Jake about it he tells her that he's more than willing to help

Will she be able to keep her boyfriend, or even her mind?

Find out inside
(This series is a spin-off of Monsters Under My Bed, so if you get lost, reading that story will be helpful. It's quite fun ... if you enjoy monsters that is ... oh and lots of lesbian sex.) 

Katie Smith has been kicked out of a convent after being caught having lesbian sex with Alexa. Due to fear of being ostracized from their families, Alexa buys a bed and breakfast, turning it into a lesbian getaway. A place where all women who have a secret can explore their greatest desires.
Un court one-shot de pipe en public que j'ai écrit l'autre soir.
An experimental commission option that I decided to try out based on some things I saw. For more details, read chapter 0.

The current theme is Monsters.