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Chapter 1 - "Spark" of Realization

In the wake of Nissa's parting with the Gatewatch on Dominaria, Chandra follows her friend back to Zendikar in the hopes of convincing her to come back. But when her true feeling for Nissa come out the two end up sharing an intimate moment.
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Chapter 1 - "Spark" of Realization

Chapter 1 - "Spark" of Realization
Chandra materialized on Zendikar and surveyed her surroundings. In the distance white, dead ground extended a series of barren scars left by the Eldrazi. Yet where she had appeared was still filled with life. The redheaded pyromancer stood at the edge of a forest. Chandra knew these woods well, somewhere in those trees was the home of her friend Nissa. The elven animist had been furious when Chandra last saw her… when she had left the Gatewatch. 

Chandra shook herself from the painful memory of Nissa turning her back on them and leaving. She understood her friend’s anger, she also felt betrayed by Liliana’s abandonment on Amonkhet, but she also felt that Nissa’s decision to leave had been the wrong one a hasty move made in anger, something Chandra knew quite a lot about. The palneswalker stepped into the twilight beneath the canopy of trees making her way along a path the beautiful elf she was searching for had shown her the last time she was on Zendikar.

“What am I going to say to her?” She murmured under her breath. The best option would be to try to appeal to Nissa as a friend, the elf was likely to have calmed down by now and would probably listen to reason. Then again, she could always try the truth, admit to Nissa that she was in love with her. If she was honest with herself, that was the reason she was here at all. She was being selfish, she wasn’t here for the Gatewatch or even the oaths they had all taken, she just wanted to be with Nissa. Chandra didn’t know how long she had been in love with the elf, at least since Amonkhet, probably as long as the Revolt on Kaladesh.

She had known she was bisexual for years, though it had taken her awhile to come to terms with it. In fact, she used to have crushes on both Gideon and Liliana, but those feeling had never amounted to anything, just infatuations she had long since grown out of. The pyromancer stepped out into small clearing, ahead of her was a structure undoubtedly shaped by magic. Several trees were intertwined to form a dwelling. Chandra looked around for any trace of the elven maiden she sought, Nissa had definitely been there recently, the door to the tree cottage was open and there were signs of recent cleaning. Nissa herself, however, was nowhere to be seen.

Chandra sank down on a tree stump near the home, she was clad in her usual outfit, a combination of chainmail, ornate shoulder guards, and a red top, she also wore a pair of goggles on her head. She closed her eyes, letting the sounds of the world around her fill her ears, she smiled to herself. She had never done this before she and Nissa became friends, before then she was too hotheaded and impatient for it. Nissa had gotten her to slow down, let go of the anger she had let build up inside her for all those years and experience the natural beauty around her. While she in turn and gotten the elf to come out her shell, open her heart to others and express her feelings.

“Chandra?” her eyes shot open, twenty feet away from her, in a shimmering green robe, was Nissa. The elf’s hair was wet and not braided, she held a green towel in one hand and her staff in the other. She had obviously just taken a bath in a nearby river. Beautiful green markings covered her face and ran down her neck, disappearing beneath her robe. Chandra wondered for the thousandth how far those marks went. “What are you doing here?” Nissa asked, her green on green eyes almost glowing as she stepped into the shade of her cottage.
“I, uh… well…” Chandra willed herself to remain calm, “I was looking for you.”

“Evidently,” Nissa replied, “Are you here to try talking me into rejoining the Gatewatch?”

“No! Well, sort of.” Chandra closed her eyes, looking for the right words, “I do want to come back, you’re my best friend… but that’s not the reason I came.” Nissa was more than a little shocked and concerned, she had never seen the pyromancer so unsure and flustered. Her confidence and self-assurance were qualities Nissa had always found so… appealing about her friend.

“Chandra is everything okay?” She asked stepping forward, resting a hand on her shoulder. A surge of warmth ran through Chandra at the touch.
“I have something I need to say to you.”

“Well come in and we can talk while I dress.” She turned and walked to the entrance, something inside Chandra snapped as the elf turned away and the truth slipped out before she could stop it.

“I love you Nis.” The elf stopped in her doorway. Had she just heard what she thought, hoped, she had? Nissa’s heart raced as she slowly turned to face her friend, whose face now matched her hair.

“What did you say?” She took a step back toward the blushing woman in front of her. Chandra took a shuddering breath and looked Nissa in the eyes.
“I’m in love with you Nissa. I’m here because I can’t stand the thought of being separated from you.” Nissa’s heart leapt into her throat. “I needed to tell you, even if… even if you don’t… feel the same.” Nissa stepped closer to the beautiful redhead.
“But I do.” Chandra stopped, dumbfounded, “I am in love with you, Chandra Nalaar.” Nissa closed the distance, wrapping her arms around Chandra, pulling her into a hug which she returned. She could feel magical heat coursing through the pyromancer’s body, pulling back the elf pressed a tender, brief, kiss to Chandra’s lips.

The moment the animist broke the kiss Chandra recaptured her lips passionately. She acted out of instinct and pent up desire, she nipped at Nissa’s lower lip causing the elf to open her mouth to Chandra’s tongue. The two continued to make out, Chandra’s hands beginning to roam Nissa’s body, feeling her through the robe. Her hands felt skin as she ran them over Nissa’s stomach. She broke the kiss, heat rising in her face.
“Wait, Nis!” she pulled away from the confused, disappointed, elf.
 “What is it my love?” Chandra replied by pointing to Nissa’s front, she looked down to see that her robe had come undone, revealing her body. Chandra to her credit was remaining calm, but the sight of Nissa’s breasts was almost too much for her, especially the green markings traversing her body and wrapping around said breasts. When Nissa’s green eyes met Chandra’s, they had darkened with desire. “Maybe we should continue this inside.” Chandra nodded letting Nissa lead her into the house. Nissa’s home was pretty much what she had expected, the entire place was one surprisingly large room, the door closing behind them. Everything inside from the chairs to the tables to the bed at the back were literally formed from the trees themselves.

Nissa slipped the shimmering green garment from her shoulders, letting it drop to the ground. Desire burned within Chandra very being as the elf turned back to her, she was gorgeous, pale skin etched with softly glowing green marking, a slender athletic figure, and shapely sizable breasts. Nissa’s brazenness caused heat to pool in Chandra’s groin. She knew that Nissa’s people, the Joraga Nation, were more open to immediate intimacy between partners, in fact it was even encouraged amongst elves who were of age.
“Shall we continue?” Nissa asked gently.

“Gods yes!” Chandra began to undo the clips of her armor, dropping it to the side as she pulled off her boots, then she pulled her top off and undid her pants, letting them drop to the ground. Now it was Nissa’s turn to be transfixed, her eyes raked over Chandra’s body taking in the sight of her taut toned stomach, arms, shoulders, and legs before settling on her perky, freckled, breasts. They weren’t as big as her own, but they were easily more than handful, she giggled as she noticed the freckles sprinkled across Chandra’s shoulders and breasts.
The two met again, picking up where they left off, this time with both women’s hands roaming over the others’ body. Nissa cupped Chandra’s left breast, its firm mass fitting perfectly into her hand, and began to toy with it. Her lover moaned into her mouth before cupping both of Nissa’s breasts. The two continued to kiss and grope each other as they slowly wade there way to the bed, they sank onto the mattress and fell back, Nissa ending up on top. She pulled back and looked Chandra in the eye.
“This is what you want, isn’t it?”

“Of course.” Chandra replied, trying to pull her girlfriend back, but Nissa didn’t move.
“This is your first time, correct? You are a virgin?” Chandra blushed again, breaking Nissa’s gaze.
“Well… yeah. You aren’t” Nissa shook her head.

“Neither is this my first-time making love to a woman.” Chandra looked back at her a twinge of jealousy in her eyes. “But this is my first time with someone I love.” She dipped down catching Chandra’s lips again, before trailing kisses down her neck and across her right breast. She licked the hardened nipple then wrapped her lips around the nub, licking and sucking on it. Chandra groaned, she was enjoying relinquishing control to the elf. Nissa’s hand ran down the pyromancer’s body, slipped over her hairless mound, between her legs and began rubbing her slit, eliciting another groan.
Nissa felt a warm wetness as she rubbed Chandra’s folds, she was ready. The elven animist slipped a single finger into her burning slit. This time Chandra moaned, hips shifting at the feeling. She had masturbated before off course, normally thinking about the very elf she was with as she did, but this felt different, better even. Nissa moved her finger back and forth before adding another finger as she switched her mouth to Chandra’s other breast. She continued to finger the now openly moaning pyromancer, fingers sinking into Chandra’s feverishly hot cunt.
After a few minutes she pulled away from Chandra’s breasts, moving up to kiss her on the lips.

“Would you like me to use my mouth?” Nissa’s voice was filled with a lust the incredibly aroused pyromancer had never heard. Chandra moaned again, louder this time, her eyes wide open and pupils fully dilated.

“P-please!” Nissa kissed her once more, before kissing her way down Chandra’s body a second time, giving both breasts a peck before continuing to the dripping pussy, wrapped around her fingers. Nissa settled between Chandra’s quivering thighs, she swiped her thumb across Chandra’s erect clit. The woman beneath her shuddered and shivered, pleased she licked the hard nub. She pulled her fingers from Chandra’s pussy, before leaning in and licking the wet puffy lips. She sank in, sliding one finger back in as she continued to lick and suck at the entrance as well as the clitoris. Pleasure was quickly building up inside Chandra, after a few minutes of Nissa eating her out, Chandra toppled off the edge, coming with her loudest moan yet.

“That… *huff* was amazing Nis!” she said catching her breath, she opened her eyes. Nissa pulled back, face smeared with her lover’s arousal, she wiped her mouth with her fingers as Chandra watched, pupils still fully dilated. Nissa licked her fingers clean and Chandra groaned again, “Gods that’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“What about the sight of me nestled between your thighs?” Nissa asked playfully. Chandra blushed again.

“Okay, second sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” Nissa slid back up the bed, slipping her arms around the exhausted pyromancer. The two kissed, blissfully settling into each other’s arms.

Chandra glanced at the elf she was holding, she felt guilt build up in her chest. She hadn’t done anything, just laid there as Nissa lavished her.
“Nis?” Nissa looked up, her luminescent green eyes meeting Chandra’s fiery ones.

“What is it my love?”

“Do you want me to make love to you now?” The elf smiled, she pressed a tender kiss, identical to their first, to Chandra’s lips and said one word.

“Later.” Then she settled back into the pyromancer's warm embrace.
End, of Chapter 1


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