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Chapter 31 - Afternoon To Remember

Two words: sex resort

Chapter 31 - Afternoon To Remember

Chapter 31 - Afternoon To Remember
Captain had put his phone on vibrate and left it on Emmy’s nightstand in case Gordon or Madalina tried to message him. Sure enough, Captain received a text from Gordon while Emmy was going down on him.

Captain said to Emmy, “I’m so sorry to interrupt, but Gordon wants to know if there’s anything you can’t eat.”

Emmy took his dick out of her mouth and stroked him softly while she spoke.

“No gluten, no wheat, and no cow’s milk.”

She continued stroking Captain with the same soft grip while he responded to Gordon. Gordon immediately replied with a “thanks” and then Captain put his phone back on the nightstand, Emmy’s cue to resume sucking Captain’s dick.

Captain brushed her smooth, dark hair away from her face, wanting to see those soft lips in action. Her big brown eyes stayed firmly locked in place looking at him as she bobbed her head up and down in slow, sensual, hypnotic movements. He sat in silent content and watched for a few minutes. Her saliva dripped out from the corners of her mouth, ensuring that her hands would get nice and wet when she ever so slowly pulled her lips off of him before stroking him with more vigor.

“You want your gift now?” he asked.

Emmy was a little surprised, “My gift?”

“That’s why we’re doing this, isn’t it?”

Emmy’s mouth bent into a smirk. He grabbed his phone and moved thumb a few times to open the timer. Emmy got up and moved her legs over to either side of his head, then sat on her knees directly on top of him. Captain had the timer because he sometimes liked to try and make a woman cum in under two minutes just by eating her out. Hitting “start,” he let the phone fall out of his hand, gripped Emmy’s plump ass tightly for leverage, and began to eat her out with his usual dexterity and gusto.

He starts off slow, dragging his tongue between her labia in a sequence of upward motions. Emmy lets out a gasp of pleasure.

Ten seconds pass. He starts playing with her clit, flicking his tongue on it and tugging on it between his lips. He’s encouraged to keep going by Emmy’s sensual moans.

Thirty seconds pass. Emmy’s breathing is starting to get heavier. She squeezes her breasts with her left hand while using her right hand to press his head against her and get his tongue even deeper inside of her.

One minute passes. Emmy begins moving her hips back and forth in small movements, holding tightly onto Captain’s head with both hands.

One minute and fifteen seconds pass. Emmy closes her eyes before she cums, and she would have drowned him with how strongly she was pressing his face into her pelvis if he couldn’t breathe through his nose. Emmy herself doesn’t have much time to start collecting her breath before Captain gives her ass a good, hard spank on both cheeks.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed between breaths, continuing to rub her pelvis on his face.

“That was so good!”

Captain couldn’t talk with his mouth on Emmy’s pussy, not that either of them would want him to move so soon. Emmy looked down at him, ejaculate running down his cheeks as he turned off the timer.

“Is that what it feels like when you cum?”

Captain gave a single nod. She giggled.

“I’m ready for the rest of your gift when you are.”

Captain held up his index finger - one more minute.

“Of course. Take as long as you want.”

Emmy continued sitting on her knees for a few more minutes while Captain, never taking his hands off of her ass, continued tonguing her.


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