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Chapter 32 - Emmy's Night

Two words: sex resort

Chapter 32 - Emmy's Night

Chapter 32 - Emmy's Night
The tables in the banquet hall were arranged in a big circle, in the center of which was an area of floor directly under a decently-sized chandelier that provided the light for the room. Gordon dimmed the lights to give the cue for everyone to take their seats. He turned around to sit himself, returning the friendly wave that Jessica Goicoechea gave him. Gordon took his seat next to Emmy, who in turn had her seat next to Captain. Madalina and Charlotte were sitting to the other side of Captain. Emmy had gotten out of her seat to play with Charlotte before the lights were dimmed. At various points, the one-year-old played with a toy giraffe and Emmy’s slightly wet hair. Emmy was going to sit back down once the lights were dimmed, but Captain insisted she stay standing for just a minute.

Next to the light switch was a wireless microphone connected to the speakers in the ceiling. Gordon brought that back to the table with him and handed it to Captain. Captain thanked him and turned the device on.

“Good evening, everyone,” began Captain, his free arm hugging Emmy. “As I’m sure you all know, we are in the banquet hall to celebrate the birthday of our very own, very lovely Emmy Rossum.”

A delicate, ladylike spatter of applause, and Captain continued.

“Emmy is a woman of many talents - actress, singer, occasional director - or as her Jewish mother puts it, ‘When are you getting a real job?’”

The banquet hall filled with several seconds of laughter. Gal almost fell out of her chair laughing.

“Before I make these speeches, I ask the woman in question if there are any topics she doesn’t want me to bring up.”

Then he turned to Emmy and asked her to repeat her answer into the microphone.

“Go to town.”

Captain held the microphone away from his mouth and said quietly, “Thank you, Bulma.”

He gave Emmy a quick but firm kiss on her cheek. She raised an eyebrow at him as he brought the microphone back closer to him. He continued his speech by talking about how his first exposure to the American version of Shameless starring Emmy actually had nothing to do with Emmy. It was an episode where , an actress who was in a TV movie based on a cartoon he liked, played a camp counselor who had a topless scene. He glanced over at Galadriel’s table; Alice Henley was seated next to her and gave her a pat on the back.

Captain went on and said that when he discovered Emmy and the numerous nude scenes she had on the show, and later still when he started learning more about her, he realized there was a lot to appreciate about her. He made a toast to her, she flashed the room, and the rest of the party went off without a hitch.

After the party, Captain escorted Emmy to the elevator to take her back up to her room. Her hair was slightly curled, as she had taken a post-sex shower right before she went downstairs.

“I suppose,” Captain sighed, “the speech wasn’t as good as what we did right before it.”

“At worst,” Emmy responded, “you’re an average public speaker.”

“Well, you know, sometimes you just wanna talk about someone, but they defy description.”

“Aww,” she pressed her hand to her chest. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Bulma.”

He never saw the live-action Dragon Ball movie she was in, but Gordon did, and he said she was one of the few tolerable parts of that movie.

The doors opened. Captain gestured for her to step out, which she did. They wished each other good night, the elevator doors closed once again, and they made their way to their respective beds.


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